The Sopranos - wip sculpts

Reworked eyes, nose and overall face shape


The Sopranos - wip sculpts

Bit more fun with Carmela Soprano.

Likeness still not finished...But now I am starting to think what kind of expression to give her... meantime I created blockout for clothes, necklaces and earrings. The clothes are from S06 E12.
I was unable to find closeup for the cross she is wearing almost all the time :(. This one She wears also, but in less episodes :/.


The Sopranos - wip sculpts

Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano Update 02

Quick hair blockout


The Sopranos - wip sculpts

Another small update.


The Sopranos - wip sculpts

I've started also with Carmela Soprano. I want to do this two simultaneously, switching from one to another should help not getting lost with shapes.


Tony Soprano sculpt wip 01 closeup

Tony Soprano sculpt wip 01

Need more practice in facial anatomy...,reading some books, watching videos... and also I decided to sculpt few actors staring in a show I love - The Sopranos. I've seen it from beginning to end couple of times, so this is the best way for me how to do some facial anatomy practicing :).

I've started with Amazing Actor James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano.


sci-fi char WIP #05

Finalising older sculpt. Almost finished...


Daredevil fan art bust - wip 02

Second update. I've done more detailing, shape definition and cleanup... Next step - more detailing, more cleanup... then uvs and texture...