Animated shorts - coop with Bohemian multimedia

As model and texture artist I cooperated with Bohemian Multimedia on two animated shorts.


An indepedent animated short by Bohemian multimedia. Showcased at Fresh Film Festival 09 in Karlovy Vary, at the Making Of 3D conference in Prague as Part of Anomalia. Presented in 3D World Magazine and accepted at Siggraph 2010. I was in production process as main 3d modeler of flat and props in flat.

Rabbi Löw

A short clip, in a series of 5 other animation films of MAGNI (a tourism project), each representing a specific world perspective and the church history. Each clip brings you a glimpse, a quick look back in history on the event which is considered a key point of the tradition. I was in production process as 3d modeler/texturer for indoor scene.